2009 Archive News

2009 Archive News

20th December 2009- Last show of the Year and APPLE gained her final point for her Junior Warrant and lifetime Crufts qualification. Judged by Sarah Morris at Oakengates CS. She won the Post Graduate class.

12th December 2009 The last Champ Show of 2009 and what a lovely way to finish. MORGAN won Junior Dog and the RCC. The last results from 2009 now confirm that he is this years Top Winning GSP Puppy. TURTLE won Junior Bitch, APPLE was VHC and not to be outdone by by the Shorthairs XANTO won the RCC(his 2nd) in Wires. All judged by Breed Specialist Di Arrowsmith. This has been a fantastic year for us at Kavacanne and we thank all those Judges who have thought so highly of our dogs.

1st December 2009 Just returned from an amazing weekend at the All Winners Show in Amsterdam which is the biggest Dutch Show with over 5,000 entries. Our ‘Dark Horse’ 13 month old APPLE won the Junior Bitch class from a very strong entry and then went on to win Best Bitch, Best of Breed and the CAC, not being old enough to win the CACIB. She now only needs one point to become a Dutch Champion but has to be 27 months old to do so. She needs just one point to gain the title of Junior Champion. Also she can now add the awards Junior Winner 09 and Winner 09 to her name. HOWEVER she was not content to settle for just BOB but following in GALES footsteps from 2008, went into the main ring with all the BOB winners from Group 7 and took runner up (Group 2) This was a phenomenal achievement for one so young competing against such mature and top winning dogs. We were so proud that she was not at all phased by the experience of exhibiting under spotlights and extremely loud music and the ‘razzamattazz’ that accompanies the judging at this show. Our other stars too did us proud with MORGAN winning a strong Junior Dog class and taking the Reserve Dog CAC also gaining his Junior Winner 09 title. GALE won the Champion Class and XANTO won Open and was awarded the Reserve Dog CAC. Breed judge was Ricky Loch-Romans.

15th November A great weekend for Kavacanne. At Gundog Breeds of Scotland MORGAN won Junior Dog under Breed Specialist Jane Eyeington(Meadowdale) and Post Graduate Dog under Breed and Gundog Specialist Carole Coode(Warringah)from an entry of 26. APPLE won Novice Bitch and was 2nd in Junior Bitch also judged by Jane, leaving now just one more point to win for her Junior Warrant.

The following day TURTLE (Handled by Sarah below)went to Cheltenham Open Show ad won Best of Breed under Megan Hayes. Meanwhile at Newark GALE won Best of Breed and APPLE won Junior under Dawn Elrington .

25th October. What another wonderful day for us at Kavacanne. TURTLE won the Bitch Challenge Certificate at the tender age of 1 year and 5 days. Expertly handled by Adam, she first won Junior Bitch judged by Breed Specialist Julie Squires and then took top honours. MORGAN continued his winning streak by taking 1st place in his first Junior class. GALE was 3rd in a strong Open Bitch class and XANTO also won his Limit class judged by Breed Specialist Robert Geary. This really has been an amazing run of excellent results for our lovely much loved trio. We are very proud of their achievements

18th October.What a fantastic day for our lovely dogs. MORGAN wins BEST IN SHOW and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the German Shorthaired Pointer Association Show. Judged by Breed Specialist Sue Pitman. Morgan won Puppy Dog, and Best Dog before competing against the bitch for Best in Show. This is his last puppy class as he is now almost 12 months. Not to be outdone, APPLE won Puppy Bitch and Novice Bitch and was Reserve Best Puppy Bitch. GALE was 2nd in a strong Open class and declared Reserve Best Bitch. It was a lovely show, the sun was shining and the results were totally unexpected.

17th October .TURTLE had a successful day at S.W Gundog Club Open Show. Under Bill Kempson she won Junior and Best Puppy in Breed. She was then shortlisted for BPIS judged by Tony Jury.

14th October. In glorious sunshine at Malvern Showground it was another fabulous day for team Kavacanne. Star of the Day was MORGAN winning Puppy Dog, BPIB and shortlisted for BPIS. Judged by Penny Williams and Frank Kane respectively. This makes Morgan the Current Top GSP Puppy for 2009. Also under Penny Williams GALE won the Reserve Bitch CC (her 3rd one). TURTLE was 2nd and APPLE was 3rd in the Puppy Bitch Class.

10th October. Excellent results for MORGAN, APPLE, TURTLE and XANTO at SWKA Champ show. Judged by Doreen Smillie, Breed Specialist, MORGAN won Puppy Dog and his 5th Best Puppy in Breed making him the Top Male pup so far this year. APPLE was 2nd in Junior and TURTLE was 2nd in Puppy class and WON the YKC Stakes under Patsy Hollings thus qualifying her for the finals at Crufts 2009. This is our 4th dog to qualify (only have 3 handlers….) XANTO was Reserve Best of Sex under Eileen Hughes and 2nd in the RBOB STakes under Sue Garner.

3rd October. Driffield Champ Show. Another successful day with APPLE winning Puppy Bitch and MORGAN 2nd in Puppy Dog. GALE was 3rd in Open Bitch. Judged by Denise Gatliffe. The following day Apple and Gale went to Northern HPR club. Apple was 4th in Puppy and Gale won Open Bitch and then went onto take Reserve Best in Show.

28th September Another amazing weekend both here in the UK and in Europe. At Belfast Adam travelled with MORGAN who won Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Challenge Certificate and was placed PUPPY GROUP 2. Judged by Chris Atkinson and Stephanie Hedgepath. Meanwhile sister APPLE and GALE were with XANTO at Maastricht Champ Show in Holland. Gale won the Champion Class and CACIB plus Best of Breed, Apple won Junior and the Dutch CAC. Gale was also shortlisted in the Group. Xanto also won his 2nd CAC and CACIB, also Best of Breed. It was Apples first trip overseas and she was an absolute star, we were so proud of them all. The weather was superb so all in all an unforgettable weekend.

20th September MORGAN WINS PUPPY GROUP 4 AT DARLINGTON. What another fantastic result for team Kavacanne. MORGAN won Puppy dog under Mick Howes and then went onto win BEST PUPPY IN BREED. His fantastic run continued when he then went on to compete against all the other Top winning pups from the show and was awarded PUPPY GROUP 4 under Geoff Corish.

APPLE was placed 3rd in Puppy Bitch and XANTO 2nd in Limit dog Judged by Jock Mackay. XANTO also qualified for the YKC Gundog Stakes Finals.

11th September. MORGAN wins Puppy Dog at Richmond under Jacqui Ward. APPLE was 2nd and TURTLE 3rd in Puppy Bitch.

XANTO was 2nd in Limit dog under Val Grant.

6th September 2009 APPLE won Puppy Bitch and then Best Puppy Bitch under Sandra Christian. TURTLE was 2nd in the same class. In Puppy dog MORGAN was Reserve. GALE was placed 3rd in Open Bitch.

30th August 2009. At SKC, APPLE won Puppy Bitch and MORGAN was 2nd in Puppy Dog. GALE was 3rd in a very strong Open Bitch class. All judged by Patsy Hollings. XANTO was 2nd in Limit dog and also 2nd in YKC Stakes.

27th August 2009 At Monmouth Open Show TURTLE not only won Best Puppy but also BEST OF BREED at just 10 months old. judged by Mrs P Harris.

23rd August 2009 WOW! What a day to remember at Welsh Kennel Club. It was the most magical day for us at Kavacanne. Not only did GALE win Open Bitch, the Bitch Challenge Certificate (Her 5th CC) & Best Of Breed under Gundog specialist Sharon Pinkerton but XANTO also won Limit Dog, the Dog Challenge Certificate (His 2nd, if he wins a 3rd he will become a Show Champion) and Best Of Breed. Gale was also shortlisted in the Gundog Group. Not to be outshone by the others, APPLE won Puppy Bitch & subsequently Best Puppy Bitch, TURTLE was 2nd to Apple and then went onto win Novice. MORGAN won the YKC Stakes for the 3rd time in 4 shows and was also placed 2nd in Puppy Dog. We had a truly fantastic day and thanks to all our friends, family and fellow exhibitors for their support and encouragement. A day to truly remember

16th August 2009 At Ashbourne MORGAN won 2points for his JW by winning 2 classes, he also won the Puppy Group under specialist Lyn Hunter. The following day he was BPIB at Alfreton and won his last JW point. So CONGRATULATIONS MORGAN now to be known as Kavacanne Toff at the Top. JW.

8th August 2009 MORGAN wins Puppy Dog and YKC Stakes at Bournemouth. Breed judge was Ros Kennedy. GALE is VHC in a large Open Bitch class.

4th August 2009. At Paignton Champ Show, APPLE and MORGAN were placed 3rd in their respective puppy classes. XANTO won Limit dog and was 4th in the YKC Stakes.

1ST August 2009 MORGAN wins Best Puppy Dog at National Gundog under Barbara Stamp. He also wins the YKC Gundog Stakes , judged by Fiona Coward-Scholes and qualifies for the Crufts 2010 finals. He also came 2nd in a large Puppy Stakes class. GALE is placed 2nd in Open bitch. TURTLE is 2nd in a large Puppy Bitch Class. XANTO is 2nd in Limit under Eileen Gates

25th July 2009 We are delighted to announce that GALE returns to the Champ Show circuit after a short break and wins her 4th Challenge Certificate under Breed Specialist Stevie Allerton.

MORGAN also had another good day being placed 2nd in Puppy Dog. Not to be outdone, TURTLE also took 2nd place in a large Puppy Bitch class.

19th July 2009 APPLE continues her wining streak by winning Best Puppy in Breed under Breed Specialist Fred Whitworth and then winning her second Gundog Group in 2 days at Evesham Show. Group judge was Gordon Talbot.

18th July 2009 APPLE wins BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at Newport . She won Junior GSP, Best Puppy in Breed judged by Jackie Howatson. Then she won Gundog Puppy Group under Gareth Lawler and finally Best Puppy in Show judged by Daniel Roberts. A fabulous day for Kavacanne.

11th July 2009. FANTASTIC NEWS from East of England Champ Show. MORGAN won Minor Puppy, Puppy and Best Puppy in Breed and then took the Reserve Challenge Certificate at only 8 and a half months old. Judged by Breed Specialist Gordon Haran

XANTO won Limit dog and Reserve Best Dog judged by Kathy Gorman. he was also 2nd in the YKC Gundog Stakes.

2nd July 2009.

Fantastic day at Sunny Windsor Champ Show with MORGAN winning Minor Puppy, Puppy, Novice and Best Puppy in Breed. TURTLE won Minor Puppy Bitch and 2nd was her sister APPLE. All judged by Gundog Specialist Frank Kane. XANTO came 2nd in Limit Dog under Breed Specialist Mike Blay

27th June 2009 MORGAN continues his winning streak at Blackpool winning Puppy Dog under G. Burgoin. XANTO is 2nd in Limit under Sue Harris

18th June 2009. What a super day for Team Kavacanne. MORGAN won Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog. TURTLE won Puppy Bitch and beat Morgan for Best Puppy in Breed. APPLE was VHC In Puppy Bitch. All judged by Breed Specialist Mary Small. Turtle then went through to the Gundog Puppy group and made the second shortlist to the final 6 places. handled by Adam. Adam also won the Puppy Stakes for the 2nd time in recent weeks with Morgan. XANTO also had another good result winning Limit dog, judged by Breed specialist Clare Shaw. So nice to see the 3 siblings all doing so well.

14th June 2009 A fantastic day for team Kavacanne at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club Breed Championship Show. APPLE won Minor Puppy Bitch and Novice Bitch. She then went on to win RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

. MORGAN had a great day too winning Minor Puppy Dog. All judged by Top Gundog Specialist Meriel Hathaway. GALE and GABY also proudly exhibited in the Parade of Champions , Gale being the youngest Champion there.

5th June 2009 MORGAN wins Minor Puppy Dog and APPLE reserve at Southern Counties Champ Show. Judged by Breed Specialist Maureen Court. XANTO wins Limit dog under Gundog Specialist Chris Atkinson.

30th May 2009 TURTLE did well at Taunton and District Canine Association held at the Royal Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet Somerset. She won Graduate and then BPIB and also was placed Puppy Group 4 Judged by Sue Adams in the breed and Rosemary Kemp from Australia for the Group.

24th May 2009 What an amazing day in the glorious sunshine at Bath Champ Show. our beautiful XANTO won Limit Dog under Breed Specialist Peter Lomasney and then went on to win the Dog Challenge Certificate

MORGAN won Minor Puppy dog under breed specialist Des Hodgkinson and then went onto win the Minor Puppy Dog Stakes under Robin Newhouse. Still on a winning streak he then beat the Puppy Dog Winner and now will return to Bath on 25th May to compete against the winning puppies from the other groups.

TURTLE took second place in Minor Puppy Bitch and now qualifies for Crufts 2010 and APPLE was placed Reserve in the same class.

8th May 2009 MORGAN Minor Puppy dog at Birmingham National under Breed Specialist Sue Harris(Barleyarch). He was also declared Best Puppy Dog. APPLE was placed 3rd in a large Minor Puppy Bitch class and also VHC in the YKC Stakes. She is now qualified for Crufts 2010 along with Morgan.

26th April 2009 MORGAN wins Minor Puppy dog at his first show under breed specialist Ruby Field at WELKS. Although Apple and Turtle were not placed in a huge Minor Puppy Bitch class they showed their socks off and formed part of the KAVACANNE winning Breeder Team

16th April 2009 News from Liz Vesey who owns Kemily Solar Superman at Frandeground. He is a Grandson of Bailey and Dime from Kavacanne Sir Mordred. We are thrilled to hear that he won his first Spring Pointing Test at the Korthaals Griffon Test, judged by Keith Scattergood and Penny Simpson

3rd April 2009 GABY has now been awarded the newly created title of International Show Champion by the FCI.

7th March 2009 CRUFTS

A lovely day today with good results in all our classes. XANTO followed on from his success in Holland and won Post Graduate Dog under Patsy Hollings. His Father XANTO III VD Lonsbirke also won his class coming over from Holland to take first place in Special Working Dog. XANTO was also placed VHC in the YKC Gundog Stakes Finals, also judged by Patsy Hollings.

GALE was placed Reserve in Open Dog under Breed Specialist Val Grant and 3rd in the Gundog Stakes Final .

1st March 2009

Adam , his friend and I went off to Groningen in Holland on Thursday for the show on Saturday.

There are around 2 1/2 thousand dogs entered. Our breed judge was Mr R McCoy from Ireland for both GSPs and GWPs.

GALE won CAC and CACIB and Best of Breed and also gained her Netherlands Champion title. She then went onto 3rd place in Group 7 also judged by Mr McCoy.

As if that was not enough excitement XANTO won CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed. He then went onto WIN Group 7. As Adam was handling Gale, Xanto was expertly handled by our good friend from Holland Leon Verheugt- Meijer who owns Xantos father.

We were over the moon but this presented a huge problem in that our return ferry was booked for Sunday afternoon and Adam needed to return to work. I therefore had to drive him to the Hook of Holland and send him home as a foot passenger. His Father then drove from Telford to meet him at Harwich. This then left myself and Leon to make a second 5 hour round trip on Sunday for Best in Show. Xanto was expertly shown in the BIS ring and was placed 8th. He was by far the youngest dog and a comment came from the BIS judge to say if it was another year on he may have took BIS as he only lacked maturity. It was fabulous. We came away with 150 euros, 5 trophies, a medal, 2 bags of dog food ,a beautiful basked of pot plants and several rosettes.

The down side was that I had to drive from Holland to Calais as the ferry from Hook of Holland had already left.I left at 9pm and finally arrived at Telford at 7am next morning. Shattered but it was certainly worth it.

Comments from Xanto’s judges to his handler Leon

Mr R McCoy.Although he is only a youngster, he did very well in the group, and he has a very sound movement.

In the ring of honour he showed why I made him best of group 7 and did me credit with his performance. I would like to see more of him in the future.

Luis Pinto Texeira: (the judge for best in show) : still a youngster but with great future. A real son of his father. He has a marvellous coat and lovely character. In a year he would have had a chance to win the show, but now he was not matured enough against some of the other dogs. ‘

23rd February 2009 Have just received some very sad news. Fio Roberts (Isara Kurzhaar) passed away last night after a short illness. She was the mentor to my son Adam and we are eternally grateful for the wealth of knowledge that she passed onto us and the wonderful dogs we have because of her.
She was a dear dear friend whose friendship I will always treasure.A wonderful lady with a wicked sense of humour who I shall miss her beyond words.The GSP world will be a poorer place without her.
God Bless you Fio. You will live on through the breeding lines you have left behind

17th January 2009 GALE wins YKC Gundog Stakes under Liz Stannard from an entry of 22.This qualifies her for the finals at Crufts 2010!

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