2011 Archive News

2011 Archive News

10th December 2011 – LKA Championship Show

Star of the day was Meg who won her 2nd Post Graduate class in a row! Morgan and Gale were both 3rd in their Open Classes under Val Foss. Rolo also won 3rd place in Limit Dog.

Kavacanne won the Breeders Group for the Gundogs which left us top of the overall leaderboard for 2011!

27th November 2011 – Amsterdam Winners Show

We took a trip across to the continent, with tremendous success! Siblings and Apple and Morgan did the double for the second year running, winning the CAC’s and CACIB’s.

These means Kavacanne now have 2 more Champion titleholders! They both gained the final points for their Netherlands Champion titles.

This is the 4th year in a row we have won Best of Breed at this prestigious show, Gale took the award in 2008, and Apple 2009 and 2010 with Morgan beating his sister for 2011.

Not to let the side down, younger sister Meg took Reserve Best Bitch. Morgan did us proud with a Group Shortlist later that day.

Kavacanne also won an impressive Breeders Group. Certainly a day to remember! Thanks to Andrew Brace for the picture of the team on the right.

12th November 2011 – Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show

Morgan was away at Discover Dogs being handled by Daisy Mae Hunt who was awarded a highly respected 5th place in the junior handling finals. In big brother’s adsence, it was Rolo who took top honours. Under Eileen Gates he was awarded the Dog CC, which was his first, much to the delight of his owner Marion O’Keefe. His sister Meg also won an excellent Post Graduate class. We flew home that afternoon!

12th October 2011 – Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show

Denise Gatcliffe took centre stage at Wales, and Vimto was our star of the day! Only shown occasionally, she took first place in Post Graduate, which was a lovely class. Meg was second place in the same class. Kavacanne also won the Breeders Stakes under Jenny Miller and Morgan took 2nd in the Champion Stakes under Fiona Coward Scholes.

7th October 2011 – South Wales Championship Show

Gale wins her 17th CC and Best of Breed under American judge Ron Menekar. Ron had previously given her Gundog Group 1 earlier in the year so we were over the moon he still thought so highly of her. Turtle fought hard to earn 2nd place behind Gale in Open Bitch. Gale was later shortlisted in the group and Kavacanne won the Gundog Breeders Group.

30th September 2011 – Driffield Championship Show

A glorious, but unseasonal sunny day at Driffield where Morgan wins a strong Open Dog class and his 8th CC under breed specialist Sue Pitman. Kavacanne also win the Gundog Breeders stakes under Aidine Howes.

24th September 2011 – Belfast Championship Show

Meg wins her first Limit Class under judge Patsy Hollings. Morgan was 3rd in Open Dog and Apple 2nd in Open Bitch. Xanto was awarded Best Dog AVNSC under Gordon Haran.

18th September 2011 – Darlington Championship Show

Morgan wins Open Dog and Meg wins Junior Bitch under Eileen Windsor. Gale was also placed 3rd in an excellent Champion stakes class under Meriel Hathaway.

11th September 2011 – Richmond Championship Show

Gordon Williams was the GSP judge at Richmond, and we were delighted when he awarded Gale 1st in Open Bitch and her 16th CC. Morgan was 2nd in Open Dog and won his 8th RCC, and also won 5th in the Champion Stakes, Meg was 2nd in Junior Bitch and Apple was 4th in Open.

In the Wirehaired Ring Xanto was 2nd in Open Dog and Owley won Junior Bitch under Frank Whyte.

28th August 2011 – Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show

We had a fantastic day at SKC, especially for Meg, who won Junior bitch under Fiona Thurm, and went on to win her first Reserve CC! We are delighted with her result, and she is not yet 18 months old. Gale won a nice Open Bitch class, with Turtle, Morgan and Rolo winning 2nd place. In the Wirehaired ring Claire Shaw was the judge, and in her final puppy class Owley was Best Puppy again, with Xanto winning 2nd place in Open Dog.

20th August 2011 – Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show

Owley wins another Best Puppy in Breed under breed specialist Jenny Fairhall. Xanto also wins another RCC to his tally.

15th August 2011 – Bournemouth Championship Show

Owley wins Best AVNSC Puppy at Bournemouth.

6th August 2011 – National Gundog Championship Show

Owley wins another Best Puppy in Breed under Mary Small, and shortlisted in the puppy group. Gale and Meg both win 2nd in their class, with Morgan winning a 3rd place and 4th in the Champion Stakes under Gordon Haran. Kavacanne also won the Breeders Group.

2nd August 2011 – Paignton Championship Show

Kavacanne had another amazing set of results at Paignton Show. In the GSP’s Gale won her 15th CC and Best of Breed under Keith Groom. She then went on to win a brilliant Gundog Group 4, her third placing this year! Meg won a lovely Junior Bitch class, with Morgan winning 2nd in Open Dog and 5th in the Champion Stakes.

Owly won Best Puppy in Breed under Gordon Haran who judged the GWP’s.

We were also delighted to finish the day winning the Gundog Breeders Stakes under Bill Bunce, who had just minutes earlier awarding Gale her group placing.

22nd July 2011 – Leeds Championship Show

Gale wins her 14th CC and Best of Breed under Jane Eyeington at Leeds show.

17th July 2011

We are delighted the Kavacanne Toff N Ready, or Rolo as he is known at home has won his final points for his Junior Warrant and is now able to add JW to his name. Well done to owners the O’Keefe’s and thank to Karl O’Connor for handling him to his last points.

12th July 2011 – Dukeries Gundog Club Open Show

Morgan earned his final point for his Show Certificate of Merit by winning Best of Breed at Dukeries. He is now known as Sh Ch Kavacanne Toff at the Top JW ShCM, adding another title to his name. He then topped the show by going Best in Show under Richard Bott. Owl then did us proud by ending a fantastic evening by winning Best Puppy in Show, following on from her win at the weekend.

10th July 2011 – GWPC Championship Show

Kavacanne swept the board at the annual GWP Champ Show under Chris Atkinson. Xanto was awarded the Dog CC and Best in Show, and little sister Owl was Best Puppy in Show!

9th July 2011 – Newport Open Show

We were delighted with our young girl Meg at Newport who beat big brother Morgan to win BOB under Richard Stafford. Xanto won Best AVNSC and was shortlisted in the group also under Richard.

2nd July 2011 – Windsor Championship Show

Great day at Windsor with Morgan winning the Reserve DCC in Gsp’s and Xanto winning the Reserve Dog CC on GWP’s under Marion Waddell. Xanto then went on to top the Gundog Champion Stakes under Gill Peak. He returned on the Sunday where he was just pipped to top spot, but ended up as runner up! A fantastic result.

8th July 2011 – East of England Championship Show

Xanto wins Best of Breed under breed judge Karl O’Connor. He was also shortlisted in the group. Gale won another Open Bitch class under David Shields.

2nd July 2011 – Windsor Championship Show

Great day at Windsor with Morgan winning the Reserve DCC in Gsp’s and Xanto winning the Reserve Dog CC on GWP’s under Marion Waddell. Xanto then went on to top the Gundog Champion Stakes under Gill Peak. He returned on the Sunday where he was just pipped to top spot, but ended up as runner up! A fantastic result.

25th June 2011 – Blackpool Championship Show

Following on from her Southern Counties win, Gale does us proud at Blackpool by winning her 13th CC and Best of Breed under Brenda Banbury. She then went on to win her second group place of the year by winning Gundog Group 3 under Andrew Brace.

We were delighted with Meg winning junior and Graduate Bitch and Apple was placed second in Open and th YKC Stakes. To complete the day the Kavacanne Breeders Team were first in the Gundog Group under Liz Cartledge.. A very memorable day.

Over in Ireland Kalou, owned by Catherine Kelly wins the Green star and Best of Breed!

18th June 2011 – Swords Championship Show (Ireland)

At Swords, Kalou, Kavacanne Toff Class at Risley, wins the Green Star and Best of Breed handled by Sinead Taggart. In the group Richard Bott handled him to an impressive Group 3.
10th June 2011 – Three Counties Championship Show

Morgan win his 7th CC and BOB under breed judge Doreen Hardie. Younger sister Meg won 2 good seconds and Gale also won 2nd place in Open Bitch, In the Wirehaired ring Kavacanne Fred Hot at Bareve (Nettle) wins Best Puppy in Breed under Eileen Hughes.

3rd June 2011 – Southern Counties Championship Show

A truely amazing day at Southern Counties. Moray Armstrong judged GSP’s and awarded Morgan his third Open Win in a row, and in the challenge he picked up his 6th CC. In the bitches young Meg won Junior and Yearling giving her her final Junior Warrant point at 14 months old. She also was 2nd in Graduate.

Kavacanne went on to do the double with Gale winning Open Bitch and also the Bitch CC. In the challenge she beat Morgan for Best of Breed. Apple was 4th in Open Bitch.

In the Wire ring Moray was also judging. Xanto was 3rd in open Dog and Owl 2nd in Puppy Bitch. Nettle, owned by Sarah Morris and Barbara Pinkerton, was the winner of puppy, beating Owl and also getting Best Puppy in Breed!

1st June 2011 – Stafford County Open Show

Jonathan Daultrey judged GSP’s and gave BOB to Morgan with Meg winning Junior an Post Graduate. Morgan went onto win 2nd in the Gundog Group. Owl made her debut outing under Claire Sharp and did us proud winning Best Puppy and was 2nd in the Puppy Group. Xanto won Best AVNSC and was shortlisted in the Group.

28th May 2011 – Bath Championship Show

3 class wins at Bath under breed judge Joyce Whiting. Morgan and Gale both won their Open classes and Meg wins Junior Bitch.

22nd May 2011 – SKC Championship Show

In Edinburgh Frank Kane was our Judge and we were delighted with Morgan winning a strong Open Dog Class. He then went on to win his 7th RCC. Gale was 2nd in Open Bitch and Meg was 3rd in Junior Bitch and Kalout 2nd in Junior Dog.

5th May 2011 – Birmingham National Championship Show

Good day at Biiringham under breed judge Gillian Roden. Turtle wins open Bitch and the RCC. Morgan was third in Open Dog, and Meg was second in junior and Graduate. Kalou, Meg’s brother who lives in Ireland made his England debut and was second in Junior Dog.

17th April 2011 – GSPC Open Show

Morgan repeats his success from 2010 by again winning Reserve Best in Show at the first Club Open Show of the year. After winning Open he won Best Dog. In the bitches Meg did us proud by winning Junior and Special Yearling Bitch. Gale also won Open Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch. Many thanks to judge Pat kender.

3rd April 2011 – GSPA Championship Show

Gale wins her 11th CC under judge Kevin Grewcock, and then went onto win Best in Show. Fantastic result at one of the 2 Breed Championship shows of the year.

14th March 2011 – dfs Crufts Championship Show

Following on from our success last year we had another amazing time at Crufts. Morgan was overall Runner Up in the Junior Warrant Competition and Xanto won the RCC in the GWP Ring. Meg won Junior bitch and we had some other brilliant places too. On the final day we also loaned Morgan and Gale to the International Junior Handlers, where Poland was place overall winner and Gale was in 3rd place with France! Such an great achievement and shows the fabulous temperaments when they only met their handlers an hour before entering the ring.