2013 Archive News

2013 Archive News

15th December 2013-LKA

Fantastic end to the 2013 show season with our precious Fraggle winning her 5th Best Puppy and thus Joint Top Puppy in Breed, following in her Mums footsteps..Judged by Maureen Nixon who also gave litter sister Tonks the final points for her Junior Warrant.. In GWPs, not to be outdone Xanto won his 8th CC and 7th Best of Breed and a group shortlist, judged by David Brigden and Frank Kane. This is the 62nd Cc for the Kavacanne kennel

27th October 2013 – Midland Counties Champ Show

Great results today for Team Kavacanne. Morgan won Best of Breed, Fraggle won her 4th Best Puppy in Breed and Turtle won the RBCC. All judged by Frank Kane. Kavacanne then won the Breeders Group under Espen Engh from Norway. baumspage wrestling They then proceeded into the main ring to be presented with a bottle of champagne for topping 50 points in the Kennel Club Breeders Competition. A good day at the Office.

19th October 2013 – Eukanuba Champion Stakes Finals

Morgan was competing alongside some of the UK s Top Winning Champions. The competition was won by Ricky, the fabulous Afterglow Standard Poodle but Morgan put in a fantastic representation of the Breed. ip info . Expertly handled as always by Adam

16th October 2013 – Gundog of Wales Champ Show.

Following on from Sundays success an amazing day for us with Fraggle under Keith Groom. At just 9 months of age she gained the final points for her

junior Warrant winning a strong puppy class. Then took the RBCC and finally shortlisted to the final 6 for BPIS. Gryff won 2 classe

13th October 2013 – GSPC Open Show.

Fabulous day for us with Morgan winning Best in Show and Fraggle Best puppy in show, judged by Nicky Hamlin. (More JW points too)

11th October – SWKA Champ Show

Another good day for Kavacanne with Tonks winning her 2nd BPIB, Fraggle 2nd, Gryff the RCC and Ryce the RBCC. Tonks then went onto win the Puppy Group under Jill Peake. She returned on Sunday , shown by Hannah for BPIS. No further progress but showed her socks off.

7th October 2013 – GSPA Open Show.

Tonks win BPIS and Gryff RBD judged by Velda Prior.

28th Sept 2013 – Belfast Champ Show

Ian won MPB with Tonks under Frank Whyte.and a fantastic Puppy Stakes win under Mr C Beattie. Fraggle was 3rd, Rolo was 2nd in Limit and Owley was BB under David Cavill

20th Sept 2013 – Driffield Champ Show

Karen Brown judged here and awarded BPIB to Ian Duncan with Tonks and 2nd to Fraggle. Owley was RBB under Jenny Miller and also 5th in Champ Stakes. Fraggle won another puppy Stakes class under Paul Harding.

15th Sept 2013 – Darlington Champ Show.

More great results. Rob Mc Master awarded the BCC to Apple, RDCC to Morgan and Tonks won 2 classes beating Fraggle. Fraggle then went onto win the Puppy Stakes under Patsy Hollings. Owley was 2nd in the Champ Stakes judged by Val Foss

8th September 2013 – Richmond Champ Show.

Another good day for Kavacanne with Morgan winning the DCC and Fraggle winning MPB and Junior to gain more JW points. Ryce won the Puppy Stakes overall and qualified for the Pup of the Year Competition.

3rd September 2013


1st Sept 2013 – City of Birmingham Champ Show.

Only Fraggle entered here under Des Hodgkinson and won MPB

26th August 2013 – Leicester City Open Show

Following on from yesterdays success Fraggle wins BP, BOB and then a fabulous Group 4 and PG2 under Jonathan Daltrey

25th August2013- SKC Champ Show.

Another great result. Catherine Drysdale was the judge and awarded BPIB to Fraggle, Tonks was 2nd and Murphy BPD. Great results fior the Gale babes. Owley won the RBCC under Jaqui Ward.

25th August – Bournemouth Champ Show

Another long journey but a good one. Fraggle was 2nd in MPB beaten by Ryce(Morgan daughter) who went RBCC and BPIB topped off by a PG4. Breed was judged by Linda Taylor.Fraggle shone and won the Puppy Bitch Stakes.

18th August – WKC Champ Show

Judged by Jonathan Daltrey, Fraggle won MPB, Ryce was the RBCC winner and Turtle on Open bitch.

5th August – Paignton Champ Show.

Hectic weekend ! Fraggle won MPB, Murphy was BPD. Owley RBCC and won the Eukanuba Champ Stakes . Judges, Maureen Mackay, Jenny Fairhall and Rodney Oldham respectively

4th August 2013 – NGA Champ Show.

Val Rusk was the judge and awarded BPD to Murphy. Fraggle was 2nd in Minor puppy.

28th July 2013- Leeds Champ Show

What a day, Kavacanne swept the board. Nev Newton was the GSP judg and awarded the BCC and Best of Breed to Apple. Morgan was the DCC winner and little Fraggle won BPIB at her first Champ Show. Murphy(Fraggles brother )was BPD. Tonks was 2nd to Fraggle..Gale would be so proud to see her progeny do so well.. In GWPS Xanto took his 7th CC and BOB under Val Foss . To end a great day, apple was shortlisted in the Group and Kavacanne won the Breeder Stakes.

20th April 2013 – Goes Championship Show, Holland

Meg and Owley travelled across the waters, where both won points towards their Dutch Champion title, with Owley also taking Best of Breed. Both Owl and Megs point also give them the final ones needed for their Dutch Champion titles.

14th April 2013 – GSPC Open Show

Gale takes a wonderful Best in Show at the GSP Club Open Show under Breed Judge Sue Knowles (above right). She is in fantastic condition following her litter in January of this year. Morgan also won Open Dog.

10th March 2013 – Crufts Dog Show

Another Crufts dreams are made off. Morgan wins Best of Breed and Group 3, with Gryff, Kavacanne Hun Toint Retreve taking the Reserve Dog CC and Best Puppy in Breed. Gale and Turtle also won respectable 2nds in their classes.

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