Sleep Well Poppydog

Where do I start? On March 1st(St Davids day 2002) Dime and Bailey produced a beautiful litter of pups, one of which was Poppy. Sadly it was not to be and in a twist of fate this beautiful 5 month old girl came back into our lives which is where she stayed until June 29th 2015 when we had to make that ultimate decision to let her go to Rainbow Bridge. I think I could fill a book with all the wonderful characteristics and traits she had. The joy she brought was second to none. Scrumping apples from the trees, opening the cooker to steal food, opening the dishwasher to lick plates. A real food thief but was the most biddable dog I could have wanted. Never ran off and was a real pleasure to take in the woods at Lightmoor. Tail wagging for all she met and never a cross word to any other dogs. The thing that makes me realise she is no longer here is how she would ‘speak’ when she wanted something. Food? Walk? Toilet and right unto the last when her tired back legs could no longer hold her she would bark when she wanted me to move her or help her outside. her nickname was Poppy Waffle Dog because she did ‘waffle’ rather. She would lie by the door she wanted to go through and if dogs can share telepathy then she did. All our dogs are different and when they leave us it affects us in various ways. I can’t describe just how much fun and joy she brought with her fun loving and exuberant personality even unto her last. This made the decision one of the hardest I ever had to make as despite her poor legs, her personality never wavered. Even at her last she managed one last dog biscuit as we said our Goodbyes. Run free at Rainbow Bridge Pops, your paw print will stay in my heart forever. Miss you so very much xxpopshead jan09 first07

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