Rainbow Bridge

Those we loved and lost

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge… `When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

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All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.  Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together…

Sh Ch / NL Ch Kavacanne Toff at the Top JW ShCM NJK W10 W11

20/10/08 – 21/02.2020

So soon after losing his sister Apple, Morgan was taken away from us after a short illness. For Adam, he was that once in a lifetime dog and together they achieved so very much. One of the top winning males in recent years, he leaves a legacy of some wonderful progeny behind him. Our hearts are broken once more to lose this wonderful boy. It was ‘not his time’ So much heartache in so short a time 🙁

From a young age Morgan stood out and oozed quality.  His showmanship and good looks were confirmed in the show ring and he was Top GSP Puppy in 2009.  After winning a number of RCC’s he amazed us all by winning his first CC and BOB at Crufts 2010 under Brenda Smith.  This was followed a few months later by another 2, winning  his Show Champion title.  In November 2011 he achieved his final awards at the Amsterdam Winners Show, earning him his Dutch Champion title.  At Crufts 2013 he was awarded Best of Breed again and went on to an amazing Gundog Group 3. He took a Crufts hat trick by going Best of Breed 2016.

He also won his Junior Warrant, Show Certificate of Merit and Netherlands Junior Champion title.  At Crufts 2011 he was overall runner up in the finals of the Junior Warrant Competition.  He now has a total of 19 CC’s, with 7 Best of Breeds and 13 RCC’s.  He qualified for the prestigious Eukanuba Champion Stakes Final 2012,2013,2014 and 2015photo2

At home Morgan was such a softie, and liked nothing more then to chill out on the sofa with Adam and his sister Meg 

Run free our wonderful boy. Give Apple the biggest of Licks. There must be one helluva dog show going on at Rainbow Bridge right now.



Sh Ch/Ned Ch Kavacanne Toff Talk JW NJK W09 W10 W11



Apple was the sweetest of girls with  a tremendous show career.  She was a  UK Show Champion, Netherlands Show Champion and Netherlands Junior Champion.  She also has her  Junior Warrant title, and has won at the prestigious Amsterdam All Winners Show 3 years running.  She has won 5 CC’s, with 2 Best of Breeds and 1 RCC.

Apple was a  stunning lady and a credit to our kennel.A big softie and loved nothing more then to cuddle up with anyone who will let her!  She is from the same litter as Morgan and Turtle and was a regular part of the Kavacanne Breeders Team.She produced some wonderful babies and her your grandson is flying high in New Zealand.

All dogs are so special but losing Apple this morning was so strange and makes me feel there are just some things that can never be rationally explained
She was very ill for about four days, thought I would lose her then. She was lethargic, couldn’t stand, sick, blood in urine and very sick indeed. Vet treated with With inflammatory and antibiotics. No improvement so scans and X-rays were done showing a kidney tumour. Vet thought just days so decided to bring her home and booked her in 2 days later to say a final goodbye after having some quality time with her.
Then the strangest thing happened.  She perked up to her normal self, eating, playing, tummy rubs and like she had never been ill. She has slept next to my head for the last 11 years and last night was just the same. She gave me her goodnight licks and fell asleep next to me. She was so her usual self I seriously questioned if Monday was too soon to say goodbye. At 5.15 she woke me licking my face and nuzzling me, I snuggled up and cuddled her and fell asleep for another 20  minutes or so. When I woke still,holding her she had died in her sleep.
I can’t believe how this came about when she was so apparently normal to just leaving me. I am not a believer but can’t help but feel she was somehow saying Goodbye and giving me the best gift she could. I didn’t have to make that difficult decision, she died in my arms and the last hours we spent together were good ones. When the pain eases, I can take comfort in how she said Goodbye to me.
My vet says it’s very rare a dog dies so peacefully and so sudden. While so grateful it happened this way I am just struggling to reason why this should be. I feel that strange forces and her bond with me somehow played a part in all this and once the grieving process eases I will just remember those last happy hours. As I said I am not a believer in strange forces but have a weird feeling about it all. God Bless you my Darling Velcro dog who in 11 years was never far from my side. We will meet again one day, I just know it…..💔💔 


Isara Kurzhaar Floosie

14/11/02 – 23/11/08




Pudding was a most stunning liver and white bitch with a solid liver saddle.. Pudding and Hannah enjoyed much success both in the breed and Junior Handling. She gained her stud book number at Belfast in 2004. Like Gaby, Pudding was a valuable member of the Isara Kurzhaar Breeder Stakes team and and competed at Crufts 2005 and 2006.

Pudding was qualified for the YKC Gundog Stakes Final 2005 where she won First place, this being the equivalent to winning the Group at Crufts for YKC members. In 2008 she went one better and actually won overall for the YKC Stakes Finals in the main ring at Crufts

She is a very sweet girl who despite her size insisted on sitting on a lap while watching television. Pudding has a hip score of 3/5 and is heart and eye tested clear.

At the most amazing age of 16 years and 3 weeks, we have just said our Goodbye to Pudding(Isara Kurzhaar Floosie) the most sweetest girl you could ever want. Never a grumble in all those years. Her spirit was there till the last, but sadly her legs gave out on her. I will miss her so very much, another hole in the heart
She will live on through her progeny, and their progeny too. I am blessed to have her Daughter, Grandson and Great Grandaughter in Vimto, Trevor and Noodle.. She even has some Great Great Grandchildren recently born in New Zealand
Even though its inevitable at such a fantasic age, its still the hardest decision we have to make. Better one day early than one too late.
Run Free at the Bridge, Puddy and meet all your old Pals. We will never forget you………💔💔💔💔

Kavacanne Star Shimmer


23/02/03 -6/12/2017

Shimmy was our first home bred GWP and a devoted companion to Heather. They were a highly successful winning team both in the breed and Junior Handling. In 2004 Shim won a Reserve CC and also was the Top Gundog in the Vetzyme Pick of the Litter Competition and 3rd overall. She has won many first places at Championship and Open Shows and was handled in the YKC Gundog Stake Finals at Crufts 2005 as well as in her breed class. She also partnered Heather in the Crufts Handling Finals where they were awarded a highly creditable 3rd place.

Shim liked nothing better than to curl up on Heathers bed!! She had a litter in 2007 and produced our lovely boy Sh Ch /Neth Ch Kavacanne Xanto.

In Sept 2010 she produced 4 fabulous girls by Ch/Neth Ch Freddy Von Kappellenhof giving us the latest GWP addition to our Kavacanne kennel in Owley (Sh Ch/Neth Ch/Lux Ch  Kavacanne Infredible)

She was Heathers soulmate and leaves a void that will never be filled but memories will live forever and through her beautiful daughter Owley. Sleep tight Shimmy till we meet again, you were loved so very much.


Sh Ch/Neth Ch Kavacanne Xanto



Heartbroken does not even come close. We lost our stunning boy in September 2015 with Lymphoma which progressed quite rapidly. He was our first(and only) male GWP and  what a lovely boy he proved to be.

Xanto was from our own Shim and sired by another ‘Xanto’ who is owned by  Cornelie & Léon Verheugt-Meijer in Holland.  As of January  2010 his Dad had amassed a total of 44 CAC’s. 37 CACIB’s, 39 BOB’s & 21 Group wins.  A remarkable achievement and so many of his qualities passed down onto our boy.

Our Xanto won 8 CC’s, 7 BOB’s & 9 RCC’s. At LKA 2010 Xanto won the Gundog Group under Mrs Penny Williams, this made Kavacanne only the 2nd GWP Kennel in the UK to win this award.  He has also topped a group in Holland.

He had so very much wonderful  personality, which really shone through in the show ring. He just loved everyone he met.He would steal the cushions off the sofa, put them in front of the wood burner and makes himself comfy.He las left a hole in our hearts (and home)that I don’t think will ever be filled again. God Bless you Lad till we meet again at the Bridge, we will always love you xx







Kavacanne Nimue

DOB 01/03/02

Where do I start? On March 1st(St Davids day 2002) Dime and Bailey produced a beautiful litter of pups, one of which was Poppy. Sadly it was not to be and in a twist of fate this beautiful 5 month old girl came back into our lives which is where she stayed until June 29th 2015 when we had to make that ultimate decision to let her go to Rainbow Bridge. I think I could fill a book with all the wonderful characteristics and traits she had. The joy she brought was second to none. Scrumping apples from the trees, opening the cooker to steal food, opening the dishwasher to lick plates. A real food thief but was the most biddable dog I could have wanted. Never ran off and was a real pleasure to take in the woods at Lightmoor. Tail wagging for all she met and never a cross word to any other dogs. The thing that makes me realise she is no longer here is how she would ‘speak’ when she wanted something. Food? Walk? Toilet and right unto the last when her tired back legs could no longer hold her she would bark when she wanted me to move her or help her outside. her nickname was Poppy Waffle Dog because she did ‘waffle’ rather. She would lie by the door she wanted to go through and if dogs can share telepathy then she did. All our dogs are different and when they leave us it affects us in various ways. I can’t describe just how much fun and joy she brought with her fun loving and exuberant personality even unto her last. This made the decision one of the hardest I ever had to make as despite her poor legs, her personality never wavered. Even at her last she managed one last dog biscuit as we said our Goodbyes. Run free at Rainbow Bridge Pops, your paw print will stay in my heart forever. Miss you so very much xx

GabyInt Ch and Neth Ch Isara Kurzhaar Chatline of Kavacanne JW ShCM

DOB 1/12.01

Gaby sadly left us after a short illness at the grand age of 13 and a half. The most wonderful brood bitch who produced 6 champions. Her progeny have won over 35 CCs and are still winning to date.

Gaby was constantly in the high places when shown in the UK and won a RCC, JW and Show Certificate of Merit, but it was abroad where she really came into her own.  She was shown successfully in Ireland, Belgium and Holland where she achieved numerous prizes, most notably her International and Dutch Show Champion Title.  She also won a Group 2 at Zwolle  in 2007.She was also Top GSP Brood, and number 3 All Breeds in 2010. In all she was Top Brood for 4 consecutive years.

She was a fantastic GSP to love and live with.  When she came into our lives all those years ago we never dreamed just what  a valuable part she would play our newly developing kennel and consequently become a  foundation bitch to be proud to own. We are indepted to Fio Roberts for having such faith in us and gifting her to Adam as he embarked on his showing career. Rainbow Bridge is all the richer for her presence there.


IMG_7903Sh Ch / Dutch Ch Kavacanne Gift of the Gab JW

DOB 10/11/06

We were devastated at the loss of our beloved girl Sh Ch / Ned Ch Kavacanne Gift of the Gab JW W’08 in a tragic road accident on May 26th 2013. Less than 24 hours before she had won the RCC at Bath.

Gale was our first home bred Champion and one of the top winning dogs in the breed of the last few years. Starting young, she won her first CC in 2007 at just 11 months old, and her champion title in 2008. The pinnacle of her show career was topping the group at Southern Counties in 2011 under Ron Menekar and being top dog in the breed that year. She also had two group 3’s and a group 4 win and won the Group at the Amsterdam All Winners Show in 2008. Gale amassed 20 CCs in total with 14 Best of Breeds and 8 RCCs, with 2 breed club Championship Best in Shows.

Out the ring she was the most precious and sweet girl. Everyone who met her fell in love. She was known by all around the breed ring for her temperament and character and formed a bond with Daisy Hunt from the age of 8 years, now  one of the UK’s top young handlers.

This is Daisys tribute.

“I can’t believe she is not here anymore, I’ve known her for about 4 years now, she has been the one who has made me win because she is beautiful, amazing and so special. she was so loyal and such a calm dog, she had a perfect personality, Gale means to world to me, I know she’s not my own, but I class her as my best friend. Thank you to the Rose’s or letting her be a part of my life. When my Dad told me I didn’t believe him, that such a talented dog is not here anymore, it won’t be the same without her, I am very grateful for everything she has done for me, I will miss you millions snail, R.I.P! I love you”

She was so gentle and loving and will certainly leave a massive whole in our family. We are blessed to have her baby ‘Fraggle’ aka Kavacanne Blowin A Gale at home, after her first litter in January 2013 to help remind us of the fantastic memories we will treasure.  Read more about Gale on her page.

Run Free Gale, our special dog in a million. Our ‘Heart Dog’



BaileyDorntanza Lord Bailybarre at Kavacanne JW

Bailey was our first boy Dog and what a wonderful boy he turned out to be. He was not only Adams first serious show dog but a loyal and loving companion. He won many things in his career and as a team in 2000 helped Adam become Handler of the Year and represented the UK, Junior of the Year and he won the Gundog Stakes Final. What a hat trick, resulting in a TV appearance on Midlands today . He was not only handsome but clever and gained his good citizen Gold award. He shared many happy days at YKC Camp and ring craft sessions with Adam and is still talked about b y those who remember his amazing presence. As our only GSP boy he had quite a ‘harem’ of girls around him but was devoted to Dime with whom he had pups and produced our lovely Poppy.

We have so many wonderful memories of him but none more so than how since a few weeks old he has always come into the kitchen and given his paw to have a dab of butter put on. The first sound of the tub being opened and he was there. Our ‘Butter Boy’ we called him. And it was impossible to have a cup of tea without allowing him his too. Our house seems so quiet even with the others still here, it is as if they know and cannot comprehend where he is. Words cannot describe how we feel at the loss of our beautiful boy but we know he is now out of pain and back with his beloved Dime in Rainbow Bridge.

Run Free Bailey Boy, your memories will live forever on our hearts till we one day meet again

RivaBenachitti Reeva Rose at Kavacanne

On February 27th 2013 we said a very sad farewell to our dear Riva aka Benachitti Reeva Rose at just short of the fabulous age of 16 years.

Riva was an amazing and devoted girl, our first GSP. Though a little senile at the end, apart from a cut ear she never had any other trips to the Vets..

She was a loyal, loving and fabulous ambassador for the breed. We fell so in love with GSPs because of her and she helped us to where we are today with our love and knowledge of the breed. As Adams first dog she introduced him to the world of show handling and though she did not particularly enjoy the show world and as such retired early, she has been a fantastic member of our Kavacanne family.

To lose her has left a massive void in the Kavacanne household but the beautiful memories of her will live with us forever.

Run free at the Bridge Riva, reunited with our special boy Bailey with whom you spent those twilight years. We will always love you.

Night night Old Girl x




Dorntanza Simply the Best with Kavacanne

Star came into our lives in 2000 and was a bit of a surprise in that we were planning another GSP from the Dorntanza kennel. When things did not work out to plan we were told. ‘You will have a Wire instead won’t you!’ Although a little cautious of taking on a new breed we were soon besotted with this little hairball.

She became an amazing presence in our household and it was hard to imagine life without her. She was a devoted companion to Heather who when only 10 took full charge of Stars training. She was a very obedient dog although at times very vocal, especially when flushing birds out from the bushes in our garden.

Star enjoyed many YKC disciplines with Heather and qualified for a flyball team at Crufts in 2003 which she did not make due to ‘maternal’ duties. She passed her Good Citizen Bronze Award. Star had 2 litters, one of which has produced our own SHIM and more recently BANG.

Sadly we lost our precious Star on 16th April 2005…. Forever in our hearts…


Benachitt Diamond White at Kavacanne

Dime was a repeat mating to Riva and was part of our lives for 10 magical years old. Dime loved to show and became Adams first serious handling dog . She was consistently placed at Open and Champ shows as well as many wins in Junior Handling and KCJO events. Dime was also quite a proficient flyball dog as well as participating in Obedience and Agility. She passed her Good Citizen Bronze Award.

She became the partnership dog for Hannah who also achieved much success in the ring Unfortunately in 2002 she was involved in a serious road accident, suffering major trauma. However although not expected to survive her horrific injuries we battled on and with our love and Dimes determination she was a credit to the wonderful Vet who treated her.

Dime had the most superb temperament and in 10 years never gave us a moment of trouble. She lives on through POPPY her daughter who shows the same sound characteristics. Words cannot describe the loss of such a wonderful dog. My heart is breaking as I think of what we have lost but pride and love for what we had from our Wonderful Dime in these last 10 years.

God Bless you Dime. We will always love and remember you…. Run Free…