About the Breed – GWP

“The German Wirehaired Pointer is a versatile hunter built for agility and endurance in the field. ..a loyal and affectionate companion who is eager to please and enthusiastic to learn.”

Originating in Germany the GWP was bred as a versatile hunting dog. It comes under the KENNEL CLUB classification of Hunt, Point, Retrieve breeds (HPR)

They are a highly intelligent breed and have boundless energy. This combined with their determination, stubbornness and exuberance does not make them the easiest of dogs to cope with. They were bred to work and as such do need to have their energy channelled into positive activities. This does not mean that they require huge amount of marathon running but ideally do require a certain amount of free exercise each day.. This accompanied by companionship, training and mental stimulation will help your dog to become a well adjusted and obedient friend for life.

There are many ways to stimulate your dog albeit, Working, Trialling, Agility, Flyball, Showing , Gundog training or just good old fashioned Obedience. If none of this appeals , you would be surprised what you can do with a couple of boxes and a ball in the garden…use your imagination…… Just be aware that until your GWP is fully trained he should not be allowed unsupervised exercise in an unsecured area or you might find him chasing a rabbit 2 miles away…


As with a GSP, a bored Wire can soon become a ‘weapon of mass destruction’, chewing your favourite shoes, stealing food from your worktops or even impersonating a JCB in your beautifully landscaped garden. Wires do like to dig so be warned.

He needs to learn his ranking in the household from an early age and that when you say ‘NO’ it means ‘NO’. They can be a stubborn breed and quite bossy so it is important that he knows you are his Pack Leader. It may be amusing to see him take charge at 12 weeks …not so at 12 months when he is a powerful and physical dog. It is highly recommended that new owners enrol in a basic Obedience class where he can start to learn good social skills from an early age.

Although aloof with strangers, Wires are not naturally aggressive. Unfortunately from time to time some do show a dislike to certain other dogs. This is where early socialisation at Puppy classes will help.. He should also be introduced to as many different environmental situations as possible to help his developing curiosity . When you buy your puppy do try to make sure you get to meet ‘Mum’ as this may give some indication of possible temperament.

They love companionship and will soon become loving and loyal members of the family. As such they do not thrive on kennelling for long periods or separation from their owners. Β They are a wonderful breed for the RIGHT owners in the RIGHT environment. With their bushy facial furnishings to give them such individual characteristics they really are an easy breed to love. That is if you can cope with a soggy wet kiss from a beard straight out of a water bowl.

If a GWP is the dog for you, bearing in mind what you have just read it is important to remember…….