The Isara Story

Kavacanne owe our appreciation and thanks to the Isara Kurzhaar kennel where our foundations originated from. The Isara affix belonged to our very dear friend and mentor Mrs Fio Roberts who sadly passed away in February 2009 leaving a fabulous legacy of Isara lines behind. GABY (Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Chatline of Kavacanne JW ShCM)was our first Isara bitch. She was Top GSP Brood Bitch for 2010 and number 3 All Breeds, having produced some fabulous progeny which can be seen elsewhere on the site.This is how Fio herself described the origins of Isara and I cannot describe it any better.

The kennel Isara began in 1973 with the purchase of the Giant Schnauzer Odivane Modern Milly. A pleasure to own and a real character Modern Milly produced the first 2 Isara champions, namely CH Isara Flora and the famous CH Isara Diablo. Diablo was the breed record holder for many years and was the first Giant Schnauzer to win B.I.S at an all breed Championship show. A additional Champion, nameley CH Isara Quella of Nixador was one of the first pepper and salt champions in the breed.

Looking to add another dog, I chose the German Shorthaired Pointer. I had many fond memories of the breed from my childhood in Germany and knew them to be great family dogs. So, along came Kirklake Tilli, my first G.S.P. Whilst Tess didn’t really posses the attributes to become a great show dog she fit right into the busy household which included three young children at the time. She became a much loved family member and just proved to me what fantastic dogs G.S.P.S are.

Two years later, in 1975 whilst at a dog show I came across the most beautiful little solid liver bitch that I had ever seen. I made this remark to her owner, who after a little consideration offered to sell her to me, for the princely sum of seventy five pounds! I bought her on the spot. I couldn’t ( and still can’t) believe my good fortune. Piper came to live with us at the age of two and half years. I enjoyed much success in the ring with her and she subsequently became ShCh Patricks Piper of Wittekind.

Piper was the Dam of eight champions and granddam to many many more. She was the foundation of Isara Kurzhaar and I am indebted to her for the many successes both I and others with Isara dogs have had over the years. All 33 G.S.P Champions bred here at Isara are descended from her.

For many years I also owned a German Wirehaired Pointer. Although I never showedthe wirehairs, Isara dogs can be found in the pedigrees of many of todays winners. Most notably Isara Drahthaar Hey at Tynsil dam of ShCh Tynsil After Eight the first solid liver show champion bitch in the breed. I pride myself in producing dogs of sound temperament with looks to match. Many of the dogs I have bred have gone to working homes, some to show homes but the vast majority go on to become family pets. Valued family members who share and enrich their owners lives ( and couches!).

We still have 3 Isara bitches including Vimto (Isara Kurzhaar Viveca) from the last Isara litter of June 2009 bred by Sue and Fios daughter Kathryn Rittscher, now living in the USA.

Fio was a wonderful lady with a wealth of knowledge who is still sorely missed by all who knew her. The legacy will live on for many generations to come.